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Why MeshMuse?

If you're an aspiring indie artist or creative or YouTubers in music, TV, film or digital industries, you would agree how difficult it is to get your work noticed, get funded and get distributed. If you are a producer who represents an indie music label, TV network, film or digital production company, you know how difficult it is to find the right talent to collaborate and produce a profitable production.  MeshMuse helps indie artists, creatives and YouTubers get discovered, match their talent with indie projects, and helps get funded with less cost and time.  


How Does MeshMuse Work?

 MeshMuse is a trusted community circle for indie artists, creatives and broadcasters to connect a network of accredited members from Music, TV, Film and Digital industries. MeshMuse facilitates as a marketplace to collaborate projects, and as a funding platform to raise funds from accredited investors, producers and audience. MeshMuse streamlines process form talent discovery to purchase or production. In summary, MsehMuse helps indie community get their "BigBreak" in less time. 


Who Will Benefit?

 At MeshMuse, aspiring indie artists, creatives and YouTubers can create profiles, upload previews of their creations and current projects in sound and video files for free. As monthly paying members, they can also network with pre-screened accredited music, TV, film and digital producers within indie industry or cross promote to mainstream media and turn their projects into productions via funding platform. Investors, Producers, Executives, production companies, and audience will also be able to participate in the funding process on the projects they are interested.  In summary, MeshMuse helps get their big break with less time. 


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